Saturday, December 08, 2007

How about a nice football?

Last night I took the girls to the tree lighting. Our little town has a little tree and a little choir from the middle school. The little shops on the little square have hot cider, cupcakes, and cookies. We've only been one or two times before, because we are lazy and because often the weather does not cooperate. This year, Doug was off to see the Golden Compass (his verdict: disappointing) so it was just me and the kids. We listened to the choir for about 2 minutes and then went to the end of the street to get in line for Santa. The one and only time we did this, the line was so long and in such a small space that we bolted from the scene. This year, we were going to get there early.

Santa and Mrs Claus ride around on the back of a fire engine around the square where the tree lighting and shops are. The kids sort of liked that, but it's hard to really see anything. Despite the tree lighting and Christmas lights--and the fire engine--it is still really dark at 6 PM. We actually run into people we know and wait near the head of the line for Santa.

When you see Santa, you get closed off in a room with just your family and the Claus family (and our small town newspaper reporter). Now, we had tried Santa at the mall and Fiona sat next to him and asked for a real fairy or a toy fairy or a mermaid toy. Sophia wanted nothing to do with him, but she would take the chocolate kiss at the end. This time, Fiona sat on his knee and asked for a real unicorn or a toy one. Then she got this package from Mrs Claus with an activity book, a writing tablet, crayons, and about 5 different kind of Christmas marshmallow chocolate treats. Sophia was apprehensive again, but not in a loud way. More like a big eye kind of way. She actually sat on his knee. She did not say a word, she did not suck her thumb, she just stared at everyone with a shy little smile. She, of course, got a package, too. She got her picture taken by the paper photographer (hopefully, she'll be in the paper...except that means I will have to buy a copy...).

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The LSB wants a "bombera house". We tell her she'll have to get off the naughty list.