Thursday, December 13, 2007

Run, Run As Fast As You Can

So Fiona is home today because she said her tummy hurt. She looked a bit peakish, so after some temperature taking and going back and forth on the matter, I decided she could stay home. She is just fine, but I guess she needed a day off. Never mind she had the whole week off last week. The only thing is, they are working on their costumes at school today and Fiona has a fairly major part. She is the baker! (I'm so proud.) She has all her lines memorized, at least. The play is this Monday and so they have already missed a whole week of practice.

We had a good morning making gingerbread cookies and reading and doing puzzles. Now they are playing fairies and hopefully we will have some lunch that isn't gingerbread cookies and then work on some of Fiona's reading questions from school and some spelling.

Staying home from school today means also that I couldn't volunteer to be in her class to help with workshop, so Doug did! Everyone missed her (she hasn't missed a day yet) and was worried about her. Doug brought home a note from one of her friends and went back to work with some of the gingerbread cookies. He probably should have taken more cookies.

I need to make several different types of cookies for family and friends and it isn't really working out very well. I need to set them up with a movie or wait until they are asleep and get baking. They want to eat the cookies and I cannot deny them Christmas cookies. They love to help as well, and then we've got a situation where Sophia is eating as she goes and helping with the cookies. Yeah, those are definitely our cookies.

It's 11:48 AM and we are all still in our jammies. Okay, let's be honest here. The girls are now playing dress up, so I'm the only one still in my jammies.


Alex said...

Aww. I want to make cookies, too! :D♥

Lone Star Ma said...

We've got to make 30 million this weekend to take to class next week for the Lone Star Baby's cookie exchange... do I sound put upon?

Ellen Aim said...

Damn this makes me want to come over and make cookies!!