Thursday, December 06, 2007

How can you read this? There's no pictures!

Well, we have the tree up and I have finally caved in and gotten white and pink dance clothes for the girls because Fiona really wanted PINK for her dance class like all the other girls (here we go). Truthfully, they were both outgrowing their black and dark blue dance clothes. I think I have to embrace the pink. There was no interest in the pink earlier, but that was then. They do look terribly cute. Fiona's clothes were too small and defective anyway, so she doesn't have a picture yet.

Fiona's latest topics of interest lately have been mermaids, princesses, and getting married. There is this boy in her class, let's call him K, whom she seemed fond of (She said he taught her how to kick sharks in the water; what more could you want in a man? She said if that didn't work she could lift them out of the water and throw them like Pippi Longstocking.) and wrote little love letters to. K would wait for her in the morning so they could walk back to the playground together before school started (K's older sister would wait, too, much to K's chagrin). She asked him if he wanted to get married when they were older and he said no. She asked if they could just live together and he was okay with that. Later he decided it was okay to get married.

This is old news, now, and that was about 2 weeks ago. Last week she told Doug that she was a princess and she had to marry a prince. So, Doug asked, "What about K?" She said she liked him a lot but she had to marry a prince. She pondered a bit and said, "Gosh, I hope he doesn't go all Gaston on me" (For those who do not know who Gaston is, you would need to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast).

I apologize for how slow it has been around here. It's not like I don't have a plethora of material to work with. Oh, and I'm not wild about this princess phase, so any suggestions of good books for how to be an alternative princess would be welcome. I'm not too worried, however. I eat lunch with her class on Thursdays and K wanted to sit next to me (most of them want to sit next to me, it's really flattering) so I did (Fiona on the other side--these are round tables). He whispered to me that he saves his milk so he can drink it after his nap and could I make Fiona save her milk so she can drink it after her nap? I couldn't help but laugh because A) Nap?! Fiona?! (I didn't mention her lack of nap to him) and B) I said, K, I can't make her do anything. He said, "She makes me do stuff all the time!" (Don't be alarmed; he went on to talk about their workshop time in the classroom. Fiona is not shy about handing out instructions.)

In other news, Monday was a snow day and the girls now adore sledding in the back yard (it's sort of difficult to veer away from the maple saplings we have everywhere, though). However, a pipe burst at Fiona's school so one snow day as turned into an entire week off.

Cutest moment of the week: One afternoon, Fiona read to Sophia on the couch. After about 4 books, Fiona came over to me in the kitchen and said Sophia fell asleep while she was reading to her:

This morphed into:


Triana said...

Holy cow, I'm dying in cuteness here. Gads, could Sophia be any cuter in that outfit and asleep on the couch?

Subjects alternative to it!

Alex said...

OH my god, this whole post is so cute I just want to print it out and carry it around with me. XD

"I hope he doesn't go all Gaston on me." *dies* She's so practical. ;)

K sounds fabulous.

I love Sophia's melting nap.


Lone Star Ma said...

This truly is death-by cuteness. All Gaston on me! Oh, my!!!

Ellen Aim said...

This is the best, there are so many great lines.

Fiona is so practical, I also love how she already sounds like a teenager.

Sophia knows how to work the nap.