Sunday, January 27, 2008


My youngest sister was trying to figure out how old I am today. She said, "Okay, you're thiiiiirty....OMG!!!1111"

OMG! indeed. Actually, I had a good laugh at this. So today me and my old lady self will get down with some raspberry mousse cake, some lovely little gifties from Doug and the girls, and maybe I'll have a bath later.

I mean, hey, if I can remember drinking soda in glass bottles and playing vinyl records (you know, we just called them records back then), I guess I must be pretty old.

Then the planning for the fairy bash is on. Fiona and I spent the night last night coughing, so hopefully that will stop soon.


Lone Star Ma said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Ellen Aim said...

You can call me in a few months and mock me, too! Then next year we'll all have the same first digit to our age. Weird.


Anjie, Queen Of Denial said...

Happy birthday to you, hAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, happy birthday dear Rachael, happy birthday to you!!!!! Hope you had a fabulous day!!! Did you get that bath, was it divine??

Quinn said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You deserve it!

Veloute said...

Thank you :-) It was a great birthday. I did get that bath, too.