Friday, January 25, 2008

Feverish Ramblings

So while my children's brains are melting under the fevers and the constant Sesame Street, I found myself taking a shower. This sounds so simple, but a shower makes a big difference in how I feel during the day. Maybe it's the feeling of clean, maybe it's all those negative ions. Whatever (I can hear you rolling your eyes and thinking get a life, you know.) I'm in the downstairs bathroom, which only has a sample bottle of Happy Hippy shower gel from LUSH (grapefruit, very nice) and an ancient, nearly empty bottle of "Feelin' Really GRAPE" Suave conditioner for kids. Every time I open this bottle, it totally reminds me of the glass bottles of soda at my dad's work we would get when I got to visit. The grape one, of course. Yes, you read that right. Glass bottles.

Oh, so anyway, I'm reading the back of this grape shampoo and even the kids' shampoos now have this deal on the ingredients where they do this: Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Parfum). Everything else is some chemical (er, not that the "fragrance/parfum" isn't) and isn't translated. Nothing else is on the bottle. (So thank goodness they've translated "fragrance" and "water", and not say, "conditioner" and "hair"). Why is this the latest fad? To make it sound better? It's not like the rest of the bottle has anything else but English (sometimes questionable English, at that). So aqua is Latin and I guess parfum is...French? I can't figure this out.

Since the phrase "screen time" is obviously going to be something to embrace today and not, as is normally the case, whispered with a guilty hang of the head, as in: "She has already had one hour of screen time today; she can't possibly use the computer now. Maybe tomorrow if we don't watch any show.", I am sure we will be going here. Thanks to Unmitigated Bliss for the link. Doug looked at me last night and said, exasperated, now we will have four people fighting for the computer. Sophia is a wiz with the letters and, really, I just had to help her with the mouse. I think what makes this more exciting than usual is that it is something that usually only her sister can do. Ah, the milestones of today.


Ellen Aim said...

That is such a cool link!

And computer time is way better than "show," really!

(Right? Says the person who just sent a computer game!)

Veloute said...


Oh, it came today, thank you! I know she will really dig it :)