Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brought to You by the Color Distraction Yellow

So in three weeks, Fiona will be 6. Six. I think this is the start of the big kid years, no? Of course, when Fiona was a baby, 5 seemed just as remote as 15. We'll have a birthday party for her, and it looks like it will be at our house again. I think we'll actually have to come up with some sort of activity this year and I am totally at a loss. I can't even decide what to buy for her birthday present. All we know for sure is that she wants a chocolate cake. So as long as we have that, how bad can her birthday be? That's right, it will be just perfect.

Another food related oddity of Sophia's is that she will answer the question, "What would you like to eat?" very creatively (And this is what happens when I do not offer choices right away, so it serves me right). Sometimes she just announces what she would like to eat out of the blue. "I want some cherries", she will announce. We have no cherries. It's the dead of winter and if cherries appeared, they would be $8 a pound and look like grey red rubber balls. "CHERRIES!" she says. Still no cherries. "I'm sorry", I say. "How about some clementines?" "I want cherries", she says. "We don't have cherries", I say. "Yes, we do!", she says. "Oh?", I say. "Where are they?" "I don't know", she says. "Neither do I", I say. "I want cherries", she says. "Me too", I say. She makes her little "awwww" noise, sticks her thumb in her mouth for a minute (she really, really likes that thumb), then takes it out and smiles at me and asks to watch show. Then we have a similar conversation about how we aren't watching show right now. Favorite cabin fever activity is definitely trying to beat previous times for how fast we can make mommy's eyelid twitch.

I have paid for this post with Play dough. Neon yellow Play dough is scattered all over the kitchen in itty bitty bits. I don't have any idea how or why and I do not really care. It has served its purpose. It is ground into our too-nice-for-us chairs and our wood floor--which means it has melded with various bits of god knows what on the floor. Play dough, now with oats and macaroni. No one needed help with it, no one screamed at me that it wasn't wooooooooooooooorking and it's such a stupid poopy butt I hate it I hate it so much!!111 I will vacuum it up later with a smile on my face.


Triana said...

Gads, whoever gave you Play-doh? I mean geesh! Thank God it wasn't *hides*

Hang in there! Spring will come soon! I promise! In the meantime I'll send you some extra eyelids.

Veloute said...

No, no! Relax! We had Play dough already. We all love what you sent. I could spend all afternoon making noodles and cutting them. It's so irresistible.

Really, sometimes I just want them to play together without me and I would even buy them each a pair of cymbals if I had to.

Lone Star Ma said...

Feel ya, mama. Yay for the play dough. Six? Is it possible?

Ellen Aim said...

Love the eyelid comment.

What a shame I still have those

it wasn't wooooooooooooooorking and it's such a stupid poopy butt I hate it I hate it so much!!

moments. Though I mostly internalize them. Mostly.