Monday, June 08, 2009

10 Days

I'm about to drop off the remnants of our garage sale to the Salvation Army (I hope. I am not sure they will take everything...). Our showing on Friday canceled, but we have someone coming tomorrow at 7...PM. That will be okay because I'll be taking the kids with friends to see Up! and get creemees. I can't remember if there are two es on the end of that or one.

I've got Sophia home with me today, but despite that, I've gotten things done and she's been very cuddly. She seems to be all set up for starting at her preschool in July (not wasting any time there...she won't be there as long during the day as she will be for the proper school year). It looks like we can buy new car seats for our last car accident and we will get reimbursed, so that is good (although I told her the cost of Britax car seats and she understandably balked a bit).

Fiona has painstakingly written out little cards for all her friends, teachers, and our neighbors with her new address on them. I still feel like I haven't gotten nearly enough time with friends, so I will try to squeeze that in this week and maybe into the next.

My goal for this afternoon is to pick the route we'll take, possibly make hotel reservations (or at least look for good choices), and finally start setting aside stuff for the car.


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I second that and raise you a "yippee!"

We shall visit Vermont, never fear!