Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8 Days

Okay, the hotel reservations are all made for the big road trip. I also scored the current Saveur magazine--an entire issue dedicated to Texas! What great timing! I have no idea why I haven't gotten around to subscribing to this magazine. It's a great magazine. I haven't actually had a chance to read this issue yet because Sophia claimed it and is fascinated by the big picture of the longhorn in the center of the magazine. We had a little conversation where she tried to wrap her brain around the fact that, yes, that is where beef comes from. She said "That's not nice" and in the next breath "I like to eat meat".

The people who looked at our house last night liked the house. They seem to be serious buyers. I am really hoping they make an offer, but trying not to get my hopes up. At all. Ever. Until contracts are signed.

Up! was greatly enjoyed by all. Sophia found a few things scary (and there is just a little bit of gun use/swords/fighting) and some things quite distressing (that's because they were) but liked it (still talks about the scary dogs, though). Fiona loved it and her friend seemed to love it, but I think they especially just loved seeing it together. I could have used some tissues.

Apparently, they are talking about Texas in Fiona's class today (they "visit" different countries throughout the year, ending in the USA by the end of the year. Her teacher picks a few states to study--including Vermont, of course--and Texas is one of those states this year). I can't wait to hear about that later!

I suppose today I will work on what's going in the car (I keep saying that, don't I?) and cancel the landline service and the rubbish removal.

I can't believe we'll be on the road a week from today!