Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boston and Seneca Falls, Part Two

Sunday morning we had another delicious breakfast at John Morris Manor Bed and Breakfast. More fresh fruit, a similar egg dish to Saturday's, but with herbs, and a side of bacon, and divine French toast with an apple compote. Fresh, delicious. I had coffee instead of tea. Also delicious. Oh, and by the way, it's real tea you get to choose from. Not Lipton.

On the way back to Ellen Aim's apartment, this time yours truly doing the driving---and screaming---, we listened to more great music. I love road trips with my iPod. We actually had very similar playlists, but notable differences, so that was fun. New stuff (ODIS!) and old/"other" stuff (mostly the kind of stuff you don't admit to liking).

We managed to get home in one piece and then it was off to meet Ellen Aim's husband at the theater (huge) to see Paranormal Activity. Ellen Aim thoughtfully provided us with disposable coffee cups of a bit of limoncello. I drank it a little too quickly (I felt a little odd walking around with it--we're on the subway, by the way). I also needed to eat, so we loaded up on nachos and hot dogs at the theater. YUM. Unfortunately, I did not realize the whole movie was shot with a hand held video camera. I discovered, while watching the Blair Witch Project, that I get motion sickness watching movies like that. I missed the last 5 minutes of Blair Witch to go throw up in the bathroom. Nice. So I tried to stay in the theater with my eyes closed. Impossible. It looked like it might have been a bit creepy during the moments I came up for air. Can't say. I left with about 15-20 minutes to go. It's a short movie. I also couldn't find the way OUT of the theater, so I ended up walking queasily in front of the screen. Yep, nice! I survived and didn't get sick and we made it back home. I wish we had seen Zombieland! I was fine by the time I woke up at 4 AM for my flight/drive home.

I can't wait to visit again! I think I'll wait until spring or summer, though. I think Ellen Aim is probably already making use of the box o' winter gear I sent her.


Triana said...

Totally and completely awesome trip!! Sounds so perfect. I'll have to listen to this ODIS as well!


Veloute said...

You need some ODIS in your life!