Monday, October 19, 2009

It's RED!

Triana got Sophia a RED digital camera for her birthday! Thank you, Triana! We found it this morning on the doorstep and we had to open it right before school started. Sophia's drop off at school has been dramatic lately, so I worried that this would make it worse, but amazingly, it went just fine. Maybe it helped she had a huge box of chocolate chip cookies in her hands to give to her teacher for her birthday celebration today.

Anyway, I used her new camera to take her picture:

She took these:

Going to have to work on having a steady hand!

We took this together:

I'll pick her up early today so we can get lots of practice in! I think I can make the resolution better, actually. I finally looked at the instructions (I had to, to figure out how to download it onto the computer) and I see that is an option. Instructions are a handy thing.


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Triana said...

oh YAY!!! I was just about to ask if it made it! Most excellent! I hope it works ok (it was just in the kids section, but thought it would be a good "starter")!