Friday, May 27, 2005

I Saw the Sign

Fiona's new game is to demand that we read every sign on every car trip. I didn't realize there were so many signs, even on short car trips. Thankfully, she usually gets interested in something else on longer trips (or falls asleep) and I can stop repeating the speed limit.

She also has a new suitcase, which she showed to nearly every person on the way out of the store. She did the same thing when I bought her a new jump rope (both are things she has been asking for for a while). She cornered two women at a table next to us in a restaurant (I use the word "restaurant" loosely here) and told them all about her jump rope and jacks ("These are too small for Sophia!", said with a noticeable amount of glee.). The same women were there for the suitcase purchase and remembered her, even though she was with Doug that time and not me. Doug says that people come up to him all the time and ask "Is that Fiona?". She was a little more shy with the women this time, but that was before the suitcase purchase.

The sibling angst is setting in. She has now said several times, while squeezing her eyes shut or covering her eyes, that she doesn't "want to see Sophia" or that she "wants to see only Mommy, and not Sophia". It seems to happen mostly when she is tired, hungry, or overstimulated.

Right now she is showing me her "money" in her hand and insists that they are "pounds" and not "dollars".


Alex said...

^___^ So amusing.

And lol, I love how extroverted she can be.

I'm dying to know what's with the pounds vs dollars?

The sibling angst was possibly inevitable. ;)

Veloute said...

I have no idea why she refers to money in pounds...but it fits in with her "John" character ;) Maybe we watch way too many British comedies?