Monday, May 23, 2005

Marriage and Preschool

Fiona is now interested in the concept of marriage. She states often that Doug and I are married. Though sometimes she says that she is "Daddy's husband". Most of the time she chants that she and Sophia are married. In fact, Fiona came up to her while she was on my lap, got in her face (in a loving way...she likes to be right up in your face---if she does this to you, I think it means you've passed some sort of test) and said very softly, "I just knew we would be together again someday". No, she didn't get this from a video. If she got it from anywhere, it could possibly be from a Storyteller tape.

Finally, after months of poking around, and much hand wringing and angst, we have decided on a preschool! It's going to be Montessori. We could not decide between that and Waldorf--vastly different approaches, but Fiona is well rounded and would do well in either, I think. The only drawbacks are (besides cost, ugh) that it is FIVE days a week (which may not be a drawback if she adjusts well--and if I adjust well) and location is unknown. Yes, I signed our daughter up for a school and I don't know where it is. It is a new is an expansion from another Montessori school 45 minutes away. I love the original school but the idea of driving there every day in the winter intimidates me. I have been assured that there is a back-up location (I know where that is) and no matter what the school will start this September. I know what town it will be in, just not what building...

At least there are 11 other families along for the ride!

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