Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When Toddlers Share Too Much

So we are at Doug's workplace cafeteria, checking out, and the cashier---who is very fond of Fiona--asks her what Sophia is going to eat. Fiona says, very loudly, but still in the range of our "indoor voice" range:


And then, as an afterthought, "Oh, and squash and peas".

I thought it was great, but I think the cashier was a little embarrassed.

Fiona has a bit of trouble keeping dry at night just lately. Well, unfortunately, she finally wet the goose down sleeping bags. We have never washed these before anyway, so they are due. So we are at the laundromat to use the Mega Washer and the Mega Dryer. I was almost done there when Fiona decides to go up to a woman and tell her all about our adventure: "Hi! Those are our sleeping bags. We had to bring them here and wash them because I peed in them! Now they are clean."

I can see this woman (who was highly amused) thinking to herself, ok, won't be using that dryer.


Alex said...

omg *DIES* sooooooooooooo funny.

But she's got nothing on "Mommy, aren't you going to PAY?"


*g* *loves*

Veloute said...

Give her time--she's only three! *shudder*