Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Fiona fell off the couch. She wasn't even messing around, just crawling on it, trying to reach her little table. Her hand went on air instead of cushion and I guess she fell on her cheek. I say "I guess" because she wouldn't tell me what hurt and I figured it was the scratch on her back from the table (and the scare).

The next day she had a blue and purple bruise on her cheek :( I thought it was chalk at first, but it didn't wash off. Actually, that was last week and she still has it! It's more yellow now, but everytime we go out, someone asks about it. It was colorful enough that people thought it was marker; now it's obviously a bruise. Someone said that (when I sheepishly said I didn't know if it was a bruise or chalk) it was probably not a bruise because it takes a lot for a cheek to bruise. That made me want to hide at home for a few weeks.

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