Monday, May 16, 2005

The Writing on the Wall

Ok, see, we have these bath crayons that write really well. Fiona sometimes takes a bath downstairs instead of upstairs, and those are the shower/bath walls that are easy to clean bath crayon off of.

Well, Fiona likes us to draw and write stuff up high and BIG. Doug gave her a bath last time and wrote our names at the top, big and red.

So everytime I come down in the morning, I see reflected in the mirror when I look up after washing my hands, large red letters backwards and sort of drippy looking.

It always gives me a start, like I'll find a body in the bathtub next.

I better clean it up today, because it sets the tone too much for the rest of the day...and I think it's time to permanently lose the red and orange crayons....

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