Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mmmm. Noodles.

You can find eight more sexy/amusing/tasteless food commericals here. Don't bother with the Paris Hilton one. Yawn. My favorite one is this one and the Guinness one. The dog one is just strange.

I gave my job notice today and it went well. It also helps make the fact that we are moving seem more real. Now if I could just get appointments set up for interior painting and some minor carpentry jobs! Hopefully we can get someone in to do that before June. I'm hearing about all the spring-ness going on down there right now (sigh, bluebonnets!) and I'm so impatient to be there already. However, it will be nice to see my tulips one last time. I'm not sure the gray squirrels have left anything left of our lilac. I may have to get my lilac in at the Shelburne Museum.

Ah, and on that note, here is my top 10 list of places I want to visit one last time before we move. This does not include visiting friends. For one thing, that will hopefully happen more than once (!!!). Okay. I'm not going to bawl. I'm going to talk mostly about food.

1. A Single Pebble (natch)
2. Hen of the Woods
3. Okay. This is not Vermont, but on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, there is this country store that makes the best smoked bacon I have ever had. Ever. I think I can mail order it, but I still want to visit there one more time. I'll have to come back with the name.
4. Montshire Museum of Science
5. ECHO center and Lake Champlain (The view is nice. Plus I want pictures.)
6. I would like to finally hike to the top of Camel's Hump, but I don't think that is going to happen.
7. The Alchemist
8. The Montpelier Farmer's Market (definitely taking the camera to that venue).
9. Shelburne Museum
10. Dairy Creme stand and eating sugar on snow at Morse Farm (with pickle!)

We'll miss the apple picking, the strawberry picking, the fairs, and the 1,000 jack o'lanterns at Ellie's, but c'est la vie! If I could 12 things, I'd add King Arthur Flour (they have great mail order, great customer service, and I can get their stuff nationwide, I believe, so it won't really be GONE) and the Savoy Theater. I was just at Main Street Bar and Grill, and that was enough. That one is mostly for nostalgia's sake, but the food was quite good. I'd rather have gone to the Chef's Table for fine dining, but it's not a fine dining restaurant anymore--I believe the school uses it for catering. I'll also miss the fabulous Kellogg-Hubbard Library (great children's library!) and La Brioche. Okay! I'll stop now.


Triana said...

I soooo wish I could take off a week and go to all those places with you. I'd kill for Hen of the Wood again.

We have strawberry picking!! If I hadn't been dying (still) from this F*(&ing sinus infection we would have gone today. And you'll have to sub-apple picking for peach and blackberry picking!

Have I said "SQUEEEEEEEE!!" lately?


Lone Star Ma said...

Yeah - I was going to say - we got your fruit-picking right here in Tejas, Woman! Denton, even...almost.

Veloute said...

Oh, I know you guys have strawberries, lol. But! Are they as good as VERMONT strawberries? We shall see. We shall see.

Whatev, they'll be fine. I'm psyched for peaches. I'm salivating just thinking about fresh peaches.

I am skeptical about the blackberries. How are those in Texas? I compare all blackberries to the ones I had in Utah.

I'm so excited :D

So, Triana? How about a weekend and we can at least go to Hen of the Wood? Hmmmmmm?

Would I be a geek if I asked for the chef's autograph? Okay. I did not just write that.

Veloute said...

LSM, you should visit here just for the mushrooms. Well, and other things. But the mushrooms.

I can't wait to brush up on my Spanish in Tejas.

Triana said...

TEMPTRESS! Well now you have me looking at the calendar for that too. Money might be more of an issue at this point. God, I love Hen of the Wood.

Blackberries: I'll pick an extra bowl for you since you'll just miss them this year so you can compare. The ones I've gotten from this farm are usually quite HUGE and juicy and ever so delicious. You'll have to tell me how they compare!

You *must* ask for the chef's autograph!!

Lone Star Ma said...

MUSH rooms. Mmmmm. Wish I could.

We have POTEET strawberrie! Nothing beats POTEET strawberries. I have grown black berries in my yard and they were good. I don't anymore because our yard is too contaminated now.