Tuesday, March 03, 2009


We're back from Houston, and I have the worst cold. Thankfully, we seem to have boxes upon boxes of tissues. Something to use up before the move.

No decision has been reached yet, so there's no new news on that front, but here are some pictures:

We flew on JetBlue and they let Fiona sit in the cockpit after our flight to JFK. Unfortunately, we somehow left her red plaid baby blanket either on the plane or in JFK airport. We've called Lost and Found at the JFK airport, but they haven't called back yet. She's not happy about losing her blanket.

Planning something, I'm sure. This is at the JFK airport.

We had Indian food Thursday night. It was really good. We ordered way too much naan. Fiona had two mango lassis. She is sort of a mango lassi junkie. We took her to a big HEB (a grocery store down there) and a Houston Central Market (Central Market is this amazing grocery store, which I'll discuss later) and showed her the massive amounts of inexpensive mangoes available here. As opposed to the rock hard, expensive, 15 mangoes you can get here.

They went to the Moody Gardens Aquarium on Saturday. I didn't go, as I stayed at the hotel coughing up organs and watched Religulous on the pay per view. They loved it. Fiona wrote down the names of most of the fish so she could tell me (and her class) what she saw.

More to come later! I have to take a roasting hot shower to soothe my lungs and then it's off to the dentist for Sophia.


SkylersDad said...

Hope you feel better real soon, and those are some great pictures!

Veloute said...

Thanks! :)

Ellen Aim said...

Dude, I have never been in a cockpit, no fair!!

Losing the blanket sucks, though.

Triana said...

Way awesome! That's neat she got to sit in the cockpit!

Sorry about your cold. :( More tea!

Emily Brown said...

We have been to moody gardens, the kids love it. we were wondering what shape the hurricane had left in it. Email me when u feel better:)

Lone Star Ma said...

I hope you feel better! I'm sorry about the blanket, too.

Veloute said...

I'm bummed about the blanket :( She was devastated when we got on the plane to Houston and we discovered it was no longer with us :*(

Moody Gardens is HELLA expensive! I mean, if you want to do all the stuff...but maybe it's an all day thing, if you do all the activities? If we did that, it would have been about 100 bucks for the 4 of us. I want to go back and see the rainforest exhibit. I'll email ya, Em :)