Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A $600 Milestone?

Ok, there is this bed at Kids Town. It is a young child's dream bed. It is like a bunk bed (well the top part) and the bottom is a play area. It is undeniably cool. However, there are three major strikes against it. It is not really a bed she can grow into, it is not really a bed she can share with her sister, and we don't need a bed for her! We have TWO frames in the attic, waiting for box springs and mattresses. The bed, with mattress, would cost a whopping 600 bucks, as well.


We have made a deal with Fiona. If she goes to sleep on her own (she needs Doug or myself now, no biggie) for 2 weeks (marked by a chart) we the bed...boy, that is hard to write, ha ha! Well, we have revisited this subject several times (she brings it up) and she always concluded that we can buy the bed when she is older b/c she does not want to be alone.

But last night, she went to sleep by herself! And was surprised to see Doug there in the morning! (I think he can join Sophia and I but maybe it is a good idea to do this gradually. I did miss them last night, though).

So we are making the chart (again) and actually putting a sticker on it! Time to squirrel some money away into the savings account....

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