Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hidden Treasures

Doug has gotten creative again and cut down a bamboo rod from the attic so that it will fit inside Fiona's desk (which she uses as a dresser). This way, she can hang clothes from it (someday we will do this in her actual closet!) Fiona is very excited about it and will spend several minutes just having fun taking the clothes off the hanger, getting dressed, getting undressed, and putting the clothes back on the hanger.

Now as to the bamboo rod---I didn't even know we had that (and more?) in the attic. When we bought the house, there were an assortment of odd things left in the attic and a few things above the beams in the garage. Old wallpaper, old tiles (from the formerly Hideous Pink bathroom)...yes, let's digress to the Hideous Pink bathroom...

At one point, the bathtub/shower tiles were pink. That is not so bad, right? We had our bathroom worked on the winter before last to put new tile in. He also took off the wallpaper and old wainscotting. Underneath the wallpaper (which was not so bad) paint. Underneath the crappy wainscotting was...plastic pink tile! !Que horror! Plastic pink tile on the lower half of every wall! I wonder if at one point there was pink carpet in there? Thankfully, that is all gone now except the pink paint, which will eventually be covered with a sage green color.

I guess perhaps I should not mock those who came before owners who painted their house in three shades of purple and one shade of sea green (it's more blue than green, actually) on purpose.

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