Sunday, July 17, 2005

He's All Mine, Ladies. So are the Tea Cups.

Yesterday, we drove down to the farmer's market but never made it. We had the intention of going to a few garage sales, and we ended up doing it all morning because this entire neighborhood was having a garage sale. It was a garage sale nest. We got a rice cooker (kind of pricey at $10, but like new and a good brand), a pitcher, a baby wipes warmer (I thought it would be nice in the winter for our cloth wipes), proper tea cups, a teapot/cup combo, a play fishing rod for Fiona (the hit of the day), a stroller for Fiona's dolls (ok, her stationery), and an Anne Lammott book (Traveling Mercies). I could have spent all day doing this but the sun was intense as was our dear Fiona (Sophia was blissfully taking it all in while in the backpack on Doug's back). Even large lemonades did not really mend things, so we stopped before the grumpiness factor peaked.

The Montessori preschool teacher was there (whom I've met, but she teaches the Other School, not Our School) and asked me (before she recognized me) if I was purchasing those tea cups (while I was gathering the cups and saucers and teapot/cup combo and looking at my rice cooker and books---wishing I had taken the cooker back to the car because I only have two arms--ah, but then I would not have gotten the cups....). Well, shucks, I am! Then she recognized me and we chatted a bit. She said her sister was coming down from San Fransisco to visit and she owns and operates a tea shop (with proper tea! and delicacies!). She was going to give a little tea for the new teacher (Our Teacher) and was looking for tea cups. I felt like I should surrender the tea cups (maybe) but she said her mother had some she could borrow. I am glad of that, because they are dainty little things with no chips and three for $5.

I still feel a little guilty...ok, it's gone now.

Then, Doug offers to take the girls away all afternoon while I read the new Harry Potter book, The Half Blood Prince. I accept, feeling unworthy, but unable to keep the book shut. I finished it at about 10:30 PM, as it wasn't as tome-like as the former book. I will not give anything away here--I am not even going to say one more word about it!

Sophia has started pointing at things. Doug was cutting up onions and sauteing them, and Sophia was watching from my arms. She pointed at the onions, then pointed at the pan. She has been reaching for me for a while now, saying "Mamamama mama maaaaaa" (beam!).

Now everyone is sleeping. If they wake up soon, I'll take the girls swimming and let Doug get into the book!


Sobo said...

I'm glad to see that garage sales are in the blood.

Veloute said...

If only I could be organized about it! I didn't get that gene, unfortunately. We are hit and run kind of people with garage sales.