Wednesday, July 06, 2005


We are now buying the Economy size of enzymes, which we get at a pet store. We are asked what kind of pet we have at home---and probably how many, Doug is usually the one buying it, though---it is a big bottle and sets us back 30 bucks. Doug motions to Fiona and says, "No pets, just a toddler (who is wickedly grinning)". They seem surprised, but maybe no one is honest about it and makes up family pets or blames real pets. Surely we are not the only ones who have thought to use enzymes. I know we are not the only ones who have kids who have pee incidents---accidents or otherwise!

Speaking of pee, the smell seems to be everywhere. The sheets, my clothes, the languishing undies-at-time-of-accident in the sink or tub, Sophia's clothes (pre-washed), the changing table (no matter how hard I try to protect it), the futon mattress in "Fiona's room" (a.k.a "room with toys and an emergency bed---which could be slept on, if necessary---but has had three dousings with "Nature's Enzymes" now---*after* Maggie and Dad's visit, I would like to clarify), from unknown sources.... I swear it seeps into the skin, refusing to be washed off. Doug and I occasionally walk around the apartment sniffing the furniture and rugs asking ourselves, "Does this stink or am I just used to it?" Friends assure me that all smells well.

Merlot (our previously owned cat) would laugh if she could.

Actually, the diapers (cloth) at least smell just fine.

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