Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's the End of the Summer

I have actually discovered---in mid July now---that our tiny town actually has a happening pool. I took Fiona last night. After nap time, I am going to be brave and saunter over to the Town Clerk to buy a Family Pass. Then I will take both girls to the pool. Alone. The pool is open to 7 PM, though, which is amazing because nearly everything in our area closes at 5 or 5:30. I think we will try to go every day, barring rain. They are even--this is more incredible, if possible--open on Sunday !!

On a related note, I wonder if it's early senility or just a symptom of being in the trenches of early motherhood...but I have this almost fanatical desire to posses a new bottle of sunblock every time we go shopping. I have a similar urge towards tissues.

On a depressing note, I got a bunch of Back-to-School (!!!) catalogues and Fall catalogs in the mail the other day. Didn't summer just start? This year, for the first time since moving here--I think it's been seven years now, I feel rather protective of summer and apprehensive of the coming cold weather. The last one just seemed very, very long.

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