Friday, July 15, 2005

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Thanks to Netflix, we were able to rent this cheesy 70s childrens' show! We set Fiona in front of it, and she was instantly captivated. She prefers to sit in Doug's lap for the scary parts (i.e. when Sigmund's mean older brothers show up) but otherwise was charmed by the show.

OK, it's not the greatest message (the other sea monsters kick Sigmund out because he is a nice sea monster!). I also fail to remember why they keep trying to recapture him if they kicked him out in the first place.

Really, I just wanted to see it again after nearly 30 years, and why not show it to my daughter? She watches maybe one show a week on tape or DVD. Despite the show being rather, ah, old-fashioned, she was not at all bored by it.

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