Monday, June 26, 2006

Blue Sand Blues

Nothing is more exciting than sand in your child's diaper and in your bed and in---everything. You know this as a parent. It's even better if it's really in the diaper. As in, oh, that was yesterday's second breakfast.

Now imagine this sand is blue and you're taking it up a few notches to "what on earth was I thinking?" fun.

Then imagine your toddler, who has a beard of blue sand, getting into the bird seed and pouring it all over your dining room hardwood floors. I am still picking seed out of my toes even though I did actually vacuum the floors.

Sophia has so many new words and signs I've sort of just stopped keeping track. She can sign "potato"--she loves the apple of the earth--and can say "strawberry" quite clearly.

Fiona misses her friends and I took her to the public pool to meet one of them and we happened upon another classmate, too. The swimming thing was really becoming something I could see myself doing often, but now it seems the rain is back again. I even found a place for swimming lessons.

Fiona has a new parakeet and his name is "Tweety Sweety". Or maybe it's "Sweety Tweety". He seems very calm and even lets her stroke his belly.


Triana said...

Birdie!! Ok, now I want pictures of that too. And I still can't wait to come play in the blue sand!

Veloute said...

Pictures of Sweety Tweety! Yes. Forthcoming. I don't want to scare him so we'll ease into it.

And when are you coming again? Next week? :D

Ellen Aim said...

Aww!! You guys got a parakeet?! Crazy. And this "blue sand" is such a weird thing. I mean, where does one even get "blue sand?"

Veloute said...

OK, I knew someone was going to ask me that.

I got the blue sand at Hellmart. I mean, Wal-mart. Yes, I know. Please flame away, I deserve it. But, damn it all, I wanted FINE play sand and no one else has it here. To add insult to injury, HELLmart didn't even have the normal white/cream sand---only blue and red sand. I was floored. I had never even heard of colored play sand. It is 4 something a bag (as opposed to the usual 2 something) (and I'm sure it's really supposed to be 7 something a bag, right?) Fiona fell in love with the blue (we're loving color blue right now) and so I got two bags.

So. That is where one could buy colored sand, if one was so inclined to decorate their floors and sheets and shoes with this colored textural acessory.

Lone Star Ma said...

Wow. I have been meaning to buy some play sand. Last time I did so, which admittedly was years ago, you could get it at Toys-R-Hell and it wasn't colored.

Parakeets are so sweet!

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