Friday, June 23, 2006

A Small Brag

Fiona had her first dental X-rays today. After some inital hesitation about being alone in the chair (it really was small potatoes) she got three x-rays done happily. She thought it was very cool. She tried really hard to be still for her cleaning, too (which I can see is difficult---I can almost see waves of energy coming out of her body). Her four temporary fillings are holding in nicely. So nicely, in fact, that I finally relented and will now let her have gum (the only sugar in it being xylitol). You can see her front adult teeth in the X-ray. They are so big! It is really neat. Foreshadowing. The big girl teeth.

I took the girls to Silver Lake with a friend and her son and godson and while it was a lot of work for me, we had a great time. Unfortunately, my shoulders and back got pretty sunburnt. You'd think at 33 I would no longer get sunburns. At least the girls did not. I forgot how annoying sunburns are. No blisters, just pain.

Doug is my hero and sent me out to eat by myself. I don't normally like eating out by myself, but I brought along Last Child in the Woods and had a good time. I had some pretty good calamari, some very nice house-made gnocchi (a tad too much Parmesan...or was it Asaigo?) with fabulous vegetables (snap peas, asparagus, haricot verts, carrots--all very fresh) and some Italian Zinfandel that didn't really make a huge impression with me, but it was all relished. I wanted dessert, but I was just too full. Next time, no calamari, but definitely some dessert. Maybe even somehow a side of Doug. I ate at Conoscenti's.


Lone Star Ma said...

Sounds like a great time!

Triana said...

Such a good girl! And such a wonderful Douglas! I've finally learned to eat by myself as well, it's not so bad. And sounds like you had a fabulous meal!

Lone Star Ma said...

Thanks for the Daughter And A Movie post, Veloute!

Ellen Aim said...

Oooh, posts! More! And I had to learn to eat by myself in Austin, it wasn't as weird as I dreaded.