Friday, June 30, 2006

Thick Creamy Goodness


This is the best yogurt I have yet to eat. You will never go back to Dannon or those atrocious "whipped" monstrosities.

We like it sprinkled with a bit of Kashi's "Seven in the Morning" cereal on top. It's not called that anymore, but we still call that. It's something like "Seven Golden Nuggets" or something. I hate refering to food as "nuggets".

Oh, here it is. "Whole Grain", not "Golden". They're still "Nuggets". Ew.


Chantal said...

I love yogurt. I will look for that brand, and then let you know what I think of it!

Triana said...

Ok, nugget might not be a good food word, but you've got to admit it's still FABULOUS to say. Go on. Nugget. Nugget. Brilliant!!

Ellen Aim said...

Hee hee. It is kinda fun to say "nugget." Doesn't mean it can't creep me out at the same time, though...

Veloute said...

Just don't look at the Saturated Fat content of the yogurt :o OMG it is so good, though.


No, that is not a word I like to say, lol. I just see...welllll never mind what I see.

Triana said...

Ok, how about this:


Veloute said...

Kumquat. Kumquat. KumQUAT. Kumquatkumquatkumquatkumquat.

What the hell is a quat? KumQuaaaaaaaaat.

Kumquat. Kumq uat Kum quat K um quat Kumqu at

What is the etiology of kumquat anyway? Funky name, bizarre fruit.

I want another parakeet and we shall name her Kumquat, Queen of the Quats.

Lone Star Ma said...

And then there are lowquats. I really like lowquats.