Friday, June 30, 2006

What's Your Favorite Ben and Jerry's Flavor?

I thought it was going to be sunny today so I took the girls to the Ben and Jerry's factory. (I think the playground is the third picture, it's a short slideshow). They have a playground there (and, naturally, ice cream).

Fiona had the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Sophia had the (entire cone of!) triple caramel ice cream...and I had the key lime pie ice cream, which Fiona preferred to the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Sophia was a royal mess, but happy. I inevitably got chocolate caramel blobs on my fairly new shirt.

The playground is clean and stable and we had it all to ourselves for a while, then the big kids came, and my girls gravitated towards the sand box. It rained off and on while we were there, but it was still fun. With all the fracking rain we've been having, you'd think we'd at least see a rainbow today because of the bright sun mixed with copious amounts of rain!


Triana said...

I think it was Mint with Cookies...or Cookie Mint...or something. There were cookies and mint and this was AGES ago like when they first came to Texas and I haven't seen it ever again. :(

Lone Star Ma said...

I never quite made that connection about where you lived before. OH-MY-GOD!

My absolute favorite was Wavy-Gravy and my second favorite was Rainforest Crunch. Neither of those flavors are available in Texas anymore...I think it's Amy's fault. After all those times we walked to her place, too.

Remember that time we went to the zoo in Dallas and it had a Ben and Jerry's shop that was closed and we stood for a long time hoping they would open and we could get some of that blueberry cheesecake stuff?