Monday, May 07, 2007

All Species Day

Yesterday was All Species Day (the title links to an explanation of sorts). I've hesitated to go in the past, because it is very popular, but we braved the crowds this time. I am glad it is popular, but we don't do so well in crowds. It actually wasn't bad at all...once we found where everybody was in the park (got to see some sections of the forest I've never seen before and probably never will again). We missed most of the first show, but there was wonderful singing, dancing, and drumming! The second show was set up in three acts and was very creative. I loved the little kids in butterfly costumes hiding under a big catepillar costume (yes, they came out). There was also someone in this fabulous crow costume who danced around a bit and then laid an egg that looked like the Earth, and when it opened rainbow streamers came out along with a sign that said "Peace" on it. Then we were in the parade walking to the capitol where the BIG woman/mother/goddess stood on the capitol steps. There was a man dressed up as a Stag (King) who, I am pretty sure, just stood there and looked all stag-like. There was lots of very cool dancing. We left at this point because we were exhausted and it was about 3 PM (I know, we're party animals, but we had school the next day). So we missed the May pole dance, which I am a little sad about. Anyway, it was all very Pagan, which I'm not sure is necessarily part of All Species Day. Maybe that's just the way it is done here. The two are very compatible after all. The weather was perfect as well. A sharp contrast to April.

We had a great time and will definitely go next year--I think next time we will spend more time choosing an animal (or plant) and learning about it and making the appropriate mask.

Fiona and her friend Max. Surprisingly, the species Fiona and Sophia chose to dress up as were unicorns. I was shocked, too.

Sophia watching the catepillar act.

The catepillar.

The sun. This is during the parade, hence the odd angle.

Big mother.

Stag king. The mother and stag are on the capitol steps here.


Triana said...

Unicorns? Where did they get that idea? That was out of the blue.

I went to read the link. It sounds like good fun over all and I love the part about taking a species and studying it! A mask, you say? First week of May next year I will be in Vermont one way or another. I'd like to go!

Lone Star Ma said...

Sounds lovely.