Monday, May 21, 2007

Shelburne Museum

What can I say? We love the Shelburne Museum. It opened up for the season yesterday, and yesterday was Lilac Sunday. We spent more time around the apple trees than lilacs this year. They were at the peak of bloom, with the wind blowing the little pink and white petals to the ground. There were so many petals all over the grass, it was almost like the "s" word. You know, that stuff we got so much of in April that I can't bring myself to talk about yet.


Lone Star Ma said...

Lovely photos.

Lone Star Ma said...'ve been tagged again!

bigbrownhouse said...

Lilacs? Apple blossoms? I have forgotten how late Spring comes to New England.

About 12 years ago when we still lived in Western MA, we flew out to Salt Lake City for my sister's April wedding. I remember leaving a frozen winter wasteland and being greeted in Utah by pale green trees and daffodils.

Your photos are beautiful!

Veloute said...

Thank you!

Spring does come rather late here. Too late, I say.