Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why Baby's Bottom is So Smooth

Added to my list of foods that make for a Most Interesting Diaper is the poppy seed bagel (no, no, NOT "poopy seed", my fatigued brain). I was changing Sophia this afternoon and I couldn't figure out why I felt like I was exfoliating her bottom.

Then I remembered the bagel of yesterday that was encrusted with poppy seeds. They are very good bagels. Sophia eats off the poppy seeds and hands me the rest of the bagel.

They are real bagels--chewy. Not those huge bready dry ones. So, not like the one in the picture and with way more poppy seeds.


Triana said...


Shannon said...

aahhh yes, I remember a brief ban on lemon poppy seed bagels when Isaiah was a toddler due to the diaper changing aspects.

I hope you have snapped out of your funk!

gojirama said...

Funny! I needed the laugh today. :)