Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This year we went to Shelburne Orchards instead of Adams Apple Orchard, just for a change.

Most of what we picked were Macs, but we got some Honey Crisp and something I can't identify. The trees aren't marked at all, as far as I can see. But the apples are great.

They also have the best cider doughnuts we've tried so far. They're rolled in cinnamon sugar, and they are warm and perfect.

All the apple picking was done by the girls. I just sat and watched and took pictures.

They filled two of these.

Sophia's drop off at school is going marginally better. Sobo left Tuesday for Texas and we miss her. Triana comes today and will be here until Sunday morning! We're going to Hen of the Wood tonight, which she has not been to before. Obviously, this must be remedied.

The wasps are back. They are only in the attic right now. I was up there at the worst time--in the middle of a very sunny afternoon. Trying to seal up a window crawling with cluster flies and wasps is not my idea of a good time. There may have been screaming.


Alex said...

Looks like fun! And the girls are so cute. ♥ (Love Sophia's dress!)

Quinn said...

That looks like so much fun! Journee and Chloe are going to the apple orchard for thier field trip and I cant go..waaaaaaaa You look so beautiful and motherly sitting inteh grass there!

Ellen Aim said...

Ooooh, I wanna go to Hen of the Wood! YUM!

God. Those DOUGHNUTS. So unfair.

Lone Star Ma said...

I want to go apple picking!