Monday, September 15, 2008


We went to the Tunbridge World's Fair Parking was crazy! The little VT highway was totally jammed! Well, it was a lot for here.

Sophia and I in front of the cow barn. We also saw some oxen, four of them Fiona's teacher's.

The carousel was a huge hit. They went on three times.

Fiona continues to read and continues to be very excited when she has homework. I've noticed her avidly reading It's Not the Stork which we bought for her a few years, ago, so I've upgraded her to It's So Amazing!

Fiona with It's So Amazing! This is a fabulously comprehensive sexual education book for ages 6 and up. So far, she thinks the funniest thing about it is the hair-do on the cartoon duck. I wonder when that will cease to be the funniest thing. This picture was actually taken at a restaurant; she insisted on bringing it inside to read. I love this book because not only does it present the basics in a matter of fact way (but with cute drawings), it also discusses contraception, different types of families, adoption, HIV/AIDS, and sexual preferences.


Alex said...

Great pictures! And wow--that sounds like the coolest book! :D

Lone Star Ma said...

God, I love that book.