Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Incredible, Edible Egg

So I did make a souffle with those sexy eggs. I got even more the other day. The sweet person who is always there and looks for eggs for me seems to know the secret places to find eggs. Normally, he just goes to the coop, but I saw him looking in bushes near the farm stand, too, for eggs. Free range, you know.

The above is a roux (the flour and butter cooked until light brown) with the egg yolks, milk, and seasonings (pepper, salt, a bit of cayenne--I'd put more in, but Sophia might eat it). It's very dark compared to when I use grocery store eggs. Normally, this would look very pale yellow.

I love egg whites. When we would make chocolate meringue at school, we had to use an enormous mixing bowl. The thing is, to fold in egg whites in that volume, you can't really use a whisk or a spatula. You have to use your whole arm. (Actually, it does work better to use your hand to fold in whites, but a whisk works well, too). Being covered with chocolate meringue is definitely not a bad thing. And if it makes you squeamish to think of someone's arm in your meringue or cake probably should eat your meals at home.

Before (I added cheddar--Cabot's Hunter's Cheddar--and Parmesan).

After. Great fun to eat.


Shawn said...


Did you hear that???

Yeah, that was my stomach.....GROWLING!!!

Triana said...


*packs bags*

*counts days*

Ellen Aim said...

hot damn that is some sexy-ass food.

be right there!

Lone Star Ma said...

Slobber, slobber, yearn.

gojirama said...

That looks sooo good.