Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Violin Concerto for Mums in D Minor

We started renting a violin for Fiona. The bow is purple. Her lessons should start soon. There are free group lessons during school once a week, but I think we are going to look into private lessons as well. She also wants to learn piano, which is great, but I said let's take it one instrument at a time.

She's coming down with a cold or something. She came home from school today with a sore tummy and a runny nose with sneezing. She said she just wanted a box of tissues, a bag for used tissues, and her violin, so she could practice "outside in the fresh air next to the mums".

This violin is so small, it's like a pinky violin.

Oh, by the way, the carpenter did a fantastic job with our windows. We're definitely keeping his number for future projects. He's also very cool in that he wears kilts. I guess it is his trademark, because when you write out the check, you make it out to "The Kilted Carpenter". So if anyone needs a carpenter in central Vermont, give a shout out in the comments.


Shawn said...

Aww!!! She's already got her 'Sassy' look defined, I see! ;)

The thought of one of my brood with a violin makes me shudder....not because I detest the violin, oh no, I LOVE the sound of violins....more just the blaspheme of what mine could DO to one.


So, did the Kilted Carpenter have nice legs?

Triana said...

Adorable!! I love it!

Btw, someone at work is trying to say I have a purple house. I had to dig, but I found a picture of your house and said "THIS is a purple house. And while I'm jealous and wish my house were this color, it is most definitely blue." They agreed.

Alex said...

(1) That is wicked awesome that your carpenter wears kilts.

(2) omg! I played violin for 7 years! I must come visit and bond with Fiona over the stickiness of rosin.

Ellen Aim said...

omfg this is scary. she is getting SO OLD!!!! love her purple shoes, btw.

we could NEVER have something as cool here as a "kilted carpenter." so jealous.

Lone Star Ma said...

Violin! How wonderful!

Kilted carpenters sound sexy.

gojirama said...

She has so much personality and confidence!
If I thought I could find one that wears kilts, I'd hire a carpenter.