Friday, September 05, 2008


This picture is actually from "Drop In" day to set up her cubbyhole and get used to the place a little more. Today was her actual first day of school, and she did very well. She played by herself at first and gradually played with the other kids. No surprises here. She helped make the soup, which they make every Friday with a vegetable from each family. I don't think she ate the soup, but they had apples to eat, too.

We actually have a day of summer today: a steamy 85F. Then it starts to plummet and we'll be in the low 60s for a high. I love this time of year.

One nice thing about this year is the food available locally. We often stop off at Dog River Farm for corn picked that morning, amazing tomatoes, etc ... but the best thing they have are their eggs. Far better than anything at the grocery store, even better than the eggs at the local co-op, these eggs have a dark orange yolk and are very perky. What is more disappointing than cracking open an egg to find a watery white and a yolk that can't even hold itself together? Okay, recent events not withstanding. Let's focus on the little things. The problem with the eggs is that they are sporadically available. Today, we hit the jackpot. I never see the eggs anymore, but if I see one of the farmers there, I ask about them. He recognizes me now. Sobo asked today, and instead of half a dozen here, 4 there, we got a whopping dozen and a half eggs. We will be having souffle tonight.

I made a roast chicken last night (I don't know if even the "hormone free/organic" chicken--from who knows where--is bigger these days, but lately, it seems to take longer to fully cook the meat around the thigh bone. I should probably go back to getting our chicken locally.) and amazingly, both the girls ate it and (!!!) the garlic green beans (from the Dog River Farm). Sophia ate some potatoes and Fiona, who did not like the potatoes--and never has liked potatoes unless they are in french fry form--actually tried the potatoes. I feel invincible. Dare I make a kale/Parmesan souffle? I think I'll stick to garlic and Parmesan tonight. It will be so cool, because the souffle will be orange. I'll try to get a picture in our dark kitchen.

And now, a la The Daily Show, here is your moment of Zen:


Shawn said...

OMG!! She is getting just too big!! I could look at pics of you guys alllllll dayyyyyyy.

Love 'n' Smoochez...

P.S. I renovated my blog - come tell me what you think? :D

Veloute said...

Done :) ♥