Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anything To Avoid Folding Laundry

Fiona thought this was hysterical, as I knew she would. Sophia was less enthusiastic. She laughed nervously, then watched us from a distance.

Okay, me too:

Now back to folding laundry. We're off at 4 AM Thursday morning to visit south Houston until Monday morning (that's 12 AM Monday morning). It should be an adventure!


Triana said...

OMG, so awesome!! I love doing this!

Lone Star Ma said...

Houston? Is Houston a maybe?

That is hysterical. You are such a fun mommy.

Emily Brown said...

let me know what you think !

Veloute said...

It's more like Galveston, but we'd live in very south Houston, or just outside of it.

I'm totally sick, so I'll report later XP

Triana, I have this fab pic of you and Terese doing this, which I keep meaning to ask you if I should post on Facebook, lol!

I will say the houses we looked at are very nice, but many don't have much of a yard :(

Lone Star Ma said...

For a yard, you need old houses. Old Texas houses have yards - new ones do not. We have an old one ('49) with a big yard.

Veloute said...

Okay, cool! I don't mind a somewhat "old house". How old are we talking? Some of the newer ones did have an acceptable yard, but most didn't.

Of course, none of them will be like our current back yard, which I will really miss :( I mean, it's a freaking forest.

Not that that is giving me any hesitation to move, you understand.

Lone Star Ma said...

Like 70s and before (but maybe way before like ours to avoid aluminum wiring).