Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dandelion Hair

The trampoline (from Auntie Alex on Christmas)was a big hit. I love how it makes their hair round like mature dandelions. Note the unicorn. Sophia is very much a "mini-me" Fiona right now, down to the "HMPH!" while pouting and bending her arms while putting her hands on her hips. She is also quite clear in announcing, when she doesn't get her way, that, "It's not fair!". Having a 5 year old say this repeatedly is quite tiresome. Add a 2 year old saying it and one has to laugh (or scream into a pillow). Sophia is definitely a fast learner.

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Ellen Aim said...

As the youngest, I totally feel her pain. Nothing like having an older sibling to make that age look sooooo good. (This kinda stops around 21 when you're finally allowed to do everything. Eh, maybe 25. Not being allowed to rent cars is kinda annoying).