Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Snow Cave

The missing grill after a night of more snow and wind.

The Snow Cave, one view.

Snow Cave with inhabitant, second view. It's not done yet, actually. The side isn't finished and I need more food coloring and spray bottles. They love the homemade snow spray. It's sort of toddler/preschool graffiti, I admit, but oh so fun.

The doctor's office was closed because they had no heat (!), however, the practice has other pediatricians at the hospital. The nurse on the phone said we could come in any time, but after hearing her symptoms, just called in a prescription to the pharmacy down the street, who filled it as soon as they opened and got the message (at 9 AM). The nurse said she could go to school tomorrow (barring new symptoms) and even tonight she looks and feels much better. Hooray!


Triana said...

SNOW CAVE! Oh I wanna play! I have a warm hat and big gloves! Though some day I'm going to have to invest in a really good pair of snow boots.

And hooray the pink eye looks better! I remember having that at some point in my life. Blech. And I would *scream* every time it was eye-drop time.

Art show! What did Fiona make?

Shannon said...

that is a hella lot of snow! how fun!

Ellen Aim said...

DAMN that's mind-blowing!! I wanna play in the snow! Can you imagine if you guys moved somewhere warm? The kids would be crushed. It has to be awesome to live in Vermont and be 5, I'm jealous. No worries about driving, just making snow caves. SNOW CAVES. In MYYYYY day, we were lucky to make FOOTPRINTS.

Love the graffiti.

Veloute said...

Fiona had two paintings. One was paint, one watercolor. The painted one was titled "My Family"...and I'm ashamed to admit I can't remember the title of the watercolor. Sobo took pictures and I'm sure the art work will come home and then I will know.

I know, right? Snow CAVE? I am jealous, I will freely admit.

I hated pink eye, too. I remember having it multiple times.