Thursday, February 08, 2007

If You're Going to Spew, Spew Into This.

I have a deep sense of foreboading.

Sophia barfed Tuesday night and Wednesday night. She is fine now. She was sick last week with some cold---very congested, total hell for a 2 year old and her parents.

Fiona just spewed all over the bed. Poor thing is sleeping now. Incidentally, most of it went in the Barf Bowl--a yellow bowl which I and both my sisters spent our childhoods spewing into. Quaint, no?

I have a date tomorrow night with Doug at Hen of the Wood (which I've reviewed in an earlier post). I guess we will see. I am washing the hands like a crazed woman.


alex said...

Eek! Stay well. ♥

Aw, the Barf Bowl. I remember its shallow yellow embrace as if it were only yesterday. Can almost taste it. Cheers for that memory.

And omg I love these Sophia photos, but who is that little girl?? :D I swear she changes so much as she grows. Did Fiona change this much? (And who does Sophia look like? :D She looks so familiar, and yet not. XD And I can never tell if she has Doug's eyes or yours. :D I'm telling you, she changes subtly with every photo batch.) *catches her, hugs her*

Lone Star Ma said...

I'm so sorry about the illness passing around! I hope you are all well soon!

Ellen Aim said...

As of this picture anyway, Rachael eyes.