Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When it Snows,

We're the really dark purple part. The 12 inches or more area.

The schools closed yesterday in anticipation of today.

If you go to, it seems that our heavy snow warning has turned into a blizzard warning. Snow accumulation of a foot or more. I guess you know it's bad when the grocery store actually has lines. This would be more exciting in a fun way if Doug didn't have to go to work today.

I guess we won't be going out for dinner tonight! Hopefully on Saturday. Sobo leaves next Tuesday and I have no idea what we're going to do without her. Hopefully, we won't be sending her back with a cold or flu!

Yesterday, Doug and I visited the public school, and you know what? It was really cute. It was very safe. It seems like a really creative, fun environment. We liked the principal. I don't know what I was expecting, but we were really happy with what we saw.

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Triana said...

SNOW! Wowsers! I wish I were there to play. :) Snow is only fun if you get to stay home to enjoy it. This is why Jeff and I must have a home business when we live up north. Now...what will that be?

I'm betting the public schools in Vermont are a damn sight better than the ones down here. You were probably expecting Strickland or something, a place that sucks your very soul with it's dark hallways and crowded halls. Remember how we ate JUNK food every freaking day for lunch??? How the hell do they think that is a good idea? I still look back on that and wonder why we don't weight 1000 pounds. Thank heavens for our metabolisms.

Speaking of....we need PIE. *cough* Just saying.

Hi Sobo!