Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where Do Unicorns Go?

Ideas for posts usually come to me in really inappropriate places: the bathroom, soothing a child at 2 a.m., driving to school. I say inappropriate because in these cases I can't exactly dash to the computer or even write something down (well, maybe in the bathroom case...).

Here is the unicorn cake. It was made from a cake mold I got at a party store (where I got unicorn plates, cups, balloons, party favors, etc). It was in a plastic pan, which I have never seen before. Apparently, as long as you don't go above 375F, it is fine. A friend reassured me that she had used one for her son's birthday. It worked. The pan was about 5 bucks. It says it isn't meant to last forever, but ours may as I doubt I will use it more than one more time, if that. It was fun to make, though! I usually make less colorful cakes. It held exactly one recipe for a two layer cake. There were two pieces left after the party, which Sophia and Fiona made quick work of, washed down with the punch I made (pineapple, limeade, pureed frozen raspberries, and seltzer water).

The mold actually had the unicorn wearing a harness. As you can see, I left that out. What unicorn would wear a harness? I gave her a star around her horn. I have to remember to always say "she" when refering to unicorns because Fiona will remind me--loudly--that all unicorns are girls. Apparently, there are no boy unicorns. I have asked why, but apparently, that is just the way things are. Baby unicorns just have two mommies.


Triana said...

Two mommies! Very progressive of her! ;) I had no idea there were no boy unicorns either. Good to know!

WANT CAKE. It's very pretty! Such vivid colors!

Shannon said...

that is pretty. i love unicorns.

Veloute said...

I think I used about 5 pounds of butter for that cake. She likes boys and all, so I am mystified.

Hi Shannon! :-)

Lone Star Ma said...

Beautiful cake!

Don't tell the religious right about the unicorns! Reminds me of a really wonderful Sci-Fi book called Door Into Ocean in which everyone has two mommies.

Ellen Aim said...

LOVE the cake! And right on about the harness!! Wtf? Didn't the mold people watch The Last Unicorn? Duh.

LOVE the two mommies thing. Sounds good to me!