Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Still Snowing

The compost bin is on the left (the lump of snow) and our trash bin is on the right. I can see them from my kitchen window and that served as a gauge for how much snow we got least on that side of the house. Below that is Sweety Tweety and Pippi! At long last!

Our side porch. Darn flash and snow. It was sort of dark, so I didn't turn off the flash. I was also getting really wet from the snow. Brrr.

Fiona's birdhouse.

Doug shoveling the snow off of our front porch. This is not going to sound very feminist of me, but hooray for husbands! We got more snow on that side of the house. It was amazingly deep--he said over two feet.

The view down our driveway from the garage.

The grill in the backyard.


Triana said...

GADS....that's about all I can say. GADS!!!

Veloute said...

Yeah, that grill? It's buried now. The trash bin would be, too, but it's trash day. Our driveway has walls now. Walls o' snow.

You can't even see the imprint of stairs anymore to any porch. It was so windy last night that our backyard has really, really deep snow. I am pretty sure I will have to dig a space out there if we want to play in the snow. Sophia would otherwise vanish.

Ellen Aim said...

OMFG. omigod.

I so want to be there and at the same time....I really don't!!

I think my little Texas soul would be utterly terrified.

Veloute said...

It's not terrifying if you don't have to drive. Actually, it's quite exciting if you don't. Unless you have to shovel or plow or whatever, then it's a real pain in the ass, especially if you have to do it all...winter...long. Emphasis on the long.

I have to say, it's better than tornado warnings!

Biscuitmom said...

I remember that purple house! :) Your girls are gorgeous and I envy you your snow. Yes, I do.

Kara aka Biscuit aka Popcorn