Thursday, February 08, 2007

Unicorn Mother

It is common for me to be buckling Sophia in her carseat and then she will exclaim "Baby Unicorn!" She wants to take Baby Unicorn with her everywhere. Baby Unicorn has been wrapped up in a too-big purple fleece blanket until now. Sobo suggested the toy sling and Sophia has found it much easier to tote Baby Unicorn around. The previous blanket always had to be folded just right or Sophia would wail "Help! Help!" every 3.23 minutes. Hooray once again for the fabulous life-saving sling!

Baby Unicorn is a duplicate of one Fiona has. I bought it for her one Christmas--I think for her second one, actually. She was not impressed. It has lain in Toy Storage until her interest in unicorns came out with a view of The Last Unicorn (until very recently, sans the harpy scene and the Red Bull scenes). I brought it out when I found it again during a toy organizing binge and it is now a beloved toy. Since Sophia covets all of Fiona's "special things", Fiona bought a small one (they didn't have the bigger ones) for Sophia for Christmas. They are both purple--Fiona's favorite color at two was most definitely purple. We have many, many 2T size pieces of clothing in purple. Even Fiona's snow boots were purple. So not only do they have matching unicorn costumes (Fiona can barely put hers on now because she had a huge growth spurt---all of the sudden most of her pants are too short!), they also have matching unicorns.


Lone Star Ma said...

Good Gracious Goddess...I can hardly believe that is Sophia! When did she get so BIG?

I haven't dug out the LSG's old dolly sling for the LSB yet...I am sort of afraid Danger Baby would strangle herself with it.

Ellen Aim said...

Purple! Right on, sista. (Just warn her that when she grows up, if her mother-in-law finds out her favorite color is purple she may buy her purple clothes that aren't really her style to begin with. And at 27, she may not want to WEAR purple anymore. Just sayin').

She already outgrew the unicorn?? That has to be weird when they grow so fast!