Monday, June 11, 2007

My Day Yesterday

Today is better. I'm pretty certain, though, that I have actual PMS.

The sun is also out and it actually feels like June, so that helps.

I'm also going to take the kids out for ice cream now because...well, I guess because Fiona's last day of preschool is tomorrow and she'll be going to the (gasp!) Public School next year. She's not really "graduating" from the Montessori school because we aren't doing the (ahem, 6 thousand dollars) final year, which is all day, every day. She is still going to be 5 1/2 next August (actually, she starts in September) and she is still going to be in Kindergarten, and even though it's half day Kindy in our small town, to me it still feels like a Big Deal.

Well, honestly, we don't need a special reason for ice cream.


Ellen Aim said...

LOVE that kitten.

5 and a goddamn half? Is it me or is 6 way, way weirder than 5? (Like, saying it, I mean.)

5 is somehow still young--close to that toddler phase? But 6? That's a bona fide CHILD, nearly a PRETEEN.



And is it me or are these word verifications getting a little out of hand? *DATCU* is less secure.

Triana said...


The last batch of pictures you sent round was truly a transformation for both the girls. They're like little people...well you know what I mean. It's just crazy.

Veloute said...

6 is way, way weirder. In fact, lots of those child rearing books are for children "5 and under" (like the one we have).

So I guess I need a new book.

I don't get too freaked out on the transformations that happen until I look at older pictures. Like the baby picture I just looked at of Sophia. Transformation indeed.

It is not unusual for me to enter in the word verification 3 or 4 times. Sometimes I don't know why it doesn't accept it and sometimes I can't read the damn thing at all and I just hope for the best. I can sleep at night knowing that if someone wants to comment on my blog, they must really, really want to.

Lone Star Ma said...

True - we must really, really want to.

Kindergarten IS a big deal. Huge. ack - time!

And ice cream - always good!

Shannon said...

I lurve ice cream.

kkr said...

I have ms (menstrual symdrome) and it is driving DH CRAZY (and me).

When will it END!

My dd's are 7 and 8, and now I no longer believe in the terrible twos,the tyrannical tripped out threes, or the fucked up fours. My girls now seem like mini-teens and the attitudes are driving me CRAZY!

Lone Star Ma said...

Hey! kkr! We've missed you!!!!

Lone Star Ma said...

Hey! kkr! We've missed you!!!!

Veloute said...

kkr! Hello!

I am sorry to hear that :(

I was sort of hoping that we'd get a bit of a break from about 7 to, say, 12. Bummer.