Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why Can't You Be Evil Like I Taught You?

So Sobo (my Mom) is here and has been for several weeks (She leaves on July 10, alas. I have to get used to not having help during the day again!). Tonight she is watching Fiona and Sophia while Doug and I go to Chef's Table (which I just read is closing in the autumn, so now I am thankful we are going one more time at least) for a wine tasting dinner, of which the theme is "Red, White and Bubbly". Not blue, thankfully.

I have to get "show" for the kids to make this easier. I'll probably have to get at least one disc of My Little Pony. In a moment of weakness, we let Sophia pick out her own movie at the video store one day. Now whenever we are there, she finds this same movie every single time. It's a new My Little Pony movie, so it's also full price rental--not the nice $1 rental kids movies usually are. I have sat down and watched it with them and while it seems pretty harmless, it makes me cringe. First of all, the ponies have very human like faces. If that isn't creepy enough, they all sound really vacuous. This one pony says "dahling" this and "dahling" that all the time.

They love it, though, and it is really a once in a while thing.

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Lone Star Ma said...

My Little Assimilated Ponies! I love it!