Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I hate to complain about rain when so many places need it so badly know, at least it's not a hurricane. But damn. We've had enough. The yard is so buggy and the basement is so stinky and we want to play outside in the sun. That thing we don't see so much of in the winter, right? /Rant off.

Fiona did very well as a sailor in her play H.M.S. Pinafore. Video taping the play and getting Sophia to sit in one place was not an easy task, however. That added some special interest to the video, I'm sure. The auditorium was stifling hot (I can't imagine how it must have been on stage) so Sophia was even more wiggly than usual. Everyone in the play did an amazing job, especially considering they had only been working on it for two weeks. Alas, I do not have pictures, only video. Doug was in Oregon at the time, which is why I was solo.

We've dropped the chess for Frog Juice for the moment. Fiona was getting too frustrated at not winning every game now that her parents are remembering how to play. However, Frog Juice is very cool. I recommend it. Made by the same people who make Sleeping Queens, also fun.

The swimming lessons, despite my pessimistic moaning (sometimes I have to roll my eyes at myself), actually went very well. It did not rain (for a change!). The water temperature was bearable. The kids, of course, had a fabulous time.

I think we may actually have a firewood source. Our second source called back and said, "Oops. Sorry. We have too many customers and not enough wood. Bye." (Really, I feel quite privileged that we got a phone call at all). Our first source is not returning my calls. However! We have Third Source. Third Source is very much on the ball and has given me an actual delivery date. Has actually asked WHERE they should drop off the wood and where they can pick up the check if I am not around when they drop off the wood (only in Vermont, I think, would this not sound suspicious...but I will still be here when they come with the wood). So. I know it's not that exciting, but believe me, it will be very exciting for us to have wood this winter.

Ah, thunder! Perhaps another day where the electricity goes out for hours. We've had some high (for here) wind storms this summer and the trees just keep coming down. Not ours yet, thank goodness. It's fun for a while with the kids when there is no electricity. The fun does not last as long as you think it would, though. Oh, no. No it does not.

I hope those in the path of Dolly come out safe and sound today.


Lone Star Ma said...

Thanks! Hope the rain stops for you and the wood arrives!

Ellen Aim said...

I want your rain and ESPECIALLY your thunder!! I am hoping Dolly just manages to send some stuff our way!!

Lone Star Ma said...

You can have it, ellen aim.

I just ordered those games, Veloute - they look fun.

Triana said...

I wish we could all pack up some of our weather and send it to each other.

I'm looking at really dark clouds on the south half of the sky and blue skies on the north. I'd kill (and so would all my plants and lawn) for those clouds to get over here and dump some rain!!

Glad to hear a peep from you LSM and know that you're all ok down there!

Veloute said...

Believe me, Ellen, you can have our rain and thunder, too. I think we are having flooding problems in parts of the state right now (not too unusual, actually). My plants would love to share, too, Triana ;)

Oooo! I hope you like the games LSM. I found them sort of confusing at first (me and only me...) but I got it once I got going. They are favorites here.