Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ice Cream

Desperate to get out of the house, I took the girls to...the Ben and Jerry's factory store! They both had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (the classics are always the best) and I watched and waited to scavenge what was left. Then we went to the playground there where Fiona immediately rounded up about 3 girls her age and led them in play. I don't have an iota of these leader skills and I never have, so it is just fascinating to watch. Sophia followed...or dug up mulch to drop from the top of the structure. Can't resist sand and mulch, that one. I'm thinking of giving her a big bag of mulch for her birthday.

It was actually a sunny and warm day for it... and it was so crowded. I guess it is a popular tourist destination, because most of the license plates were from out of state. The guy we bought the ice creams from gave us two kid cones for the price of one. Maybe they were small, but they were plenty big. He was so sweet to the girls. They sang Happy Birthday to Ben and Jerry's along with the staff for free sprinkles. I guess Ben and Jerry's have been around 30 years this year. And look! A new flavor. I love the name. And fudge peace signs. Now the real question is: will I be able to FIND it?

Compare this picture to this one.

Mom, lick this for me:

Tired of asking me for a lift, she tries to construct her own stool:

They loved this:


Lone Star Ma said...

I might be willing to live with the cold for a Ben and Jerry's factory. I can never find my old favorites, Wavy Gravy and Rainforest Crunch anymore - I think they got banned from Texas in that Amy's bruhaha.

Triana said...

Actually, LSM, I think they're both in the graveyard. :(

(I love the picture comparison!)

Veloute said...

I missed the Amy's bruhaha? I love Amy's.

Shoot, we meant to go to the graveyard, too. I'll look for those flavors. I love(d?) Wavy Gravy. I am pretty sure Rainforest Crunch is gone, too. Most unfortunately :(

Lone Star Ma said...

What's the graveyard?

I am not totally clear on the Amy's bruhaha - just that there was some conflict between them and Ben and Jerry's that resulted in some limitations on Ben and Jerry's in Texas. I mean the Amy's Ice Cream that we used to walk to in Austin, not the company that makes the veggie frozen foods.