Sunday, July 13, 2008


Fiona has been learning chess (I think she was inspired by my Foxtrot comic book--the dad loves chess and is always hounding his family to play with him). She just came to us and said she wanted to learn chess. She is doing really well. She and Doug play every day and she writes little notes about how much she loves chess.

Despite repeated correction, however, she keeps calling the bishop piece "The Butcher".

We're going to brunch this morning--kids eat free in July! Woot! It's the NECI restaurant, so there should be yummy nibblies like pate, rillette, cheeses, and salads. Including the usual brunch fare. There may or may not be adult beverages involved. Depends on the kids.


Ellen Aim said...

"The Butcher." I love it.

Triana said...

Wow, chess! I don't think I remember how to play at all.

Lone Star Ma said...

Cool. Have you seen that Searching For Bobby Fisher movie? The LSG's chess phase didn't last and the LSB is just starting to ask about how the pieces move, but she doesn't remember. That's cool that she plays everyday with her dad.

Restaurant sounds divine.

Veloute said...

I haven't seen that movie! I will check it out.

I didn't remember how to play, either. It is sloooowly coming back to me.

The restaurant was actually...odd. I'll have to write about that.

Ellen: it still makes me laugh. But I'm deranged like that.