Friday, July 04, 2008

Pass the Tissues

Well, Ellen Aim wasn't impressed, and I can see what she means, but I enjoyed Wall*E. It's true the message was about as subtle as Kool Aid, but it was entertaining. Plus, who can resist mushy robots and cute cockroches? Okay, then.

Sophia didn't like it. She thought the robots were scary. I am not sure this is an age thing (although she is not quite 4 yet), I think in this case, it is a personality thing. Fiona did like it, which does not surprise me. It was fun to see her face change throughout the movie. So I cuddled Sophia and ate her popcorn (I promise it was okay with her). I only blubbed a little bit during the movie, but I blub at everything. It helps that I am not taking Lexapro anymore, however. But even then I still get teary. I mean, I totally bawled at Fiona's kindergarten graduation (they even have 8th grade graduation now??). Why? No one else was. Did I bring tissues? Of course not. I got to be a slimy mess during my child's graduation. Oh well, I'm sure they all think I'm bizarre anyway. Now they think I am unstable and bizarre, I am sure.

Recently, Doug told me he was driving the kids home the other week and he looked back in the mirror at the kids and Fiona was silently crying. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. They had just passed a dead fox, and she was sad.

At times like this, I am pretty sure she will use her powers for good.

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Lone Star Ma said...

It must be wonderful to know that she will use her powers for good - I'm still not sure about Marigold.

If crying at children's graduations and movies is unstable - then sign me up for unstable. surely other mommies were crying too.