Friday, July 25, 2008

Drying Out



We got pummeled with even more pounding rain last night, but today, the sun finally seems to be out. The ground is still squishy wet and everything is still very, very wet. Our yard is shady, so it will be a while before everything dries out. The concrete in the backyard is becoming a green carpet of algae. Actually, maybe it's moss. We have a lot of moss.

Even the daisies are flat.

Our little bean tepee with morning glories! Alas, the moonflower got dug up by something. We'll pretend this would have been the first summer it would have bloomed before it got too cold. Actually, most of the morning glories got dug up, too. And something is eating the leaves off of the beans. I suspect deer.

Just for fun, here are some of the zinnias. Slugs have claimed about half of them. Slugs may also keep us from growing a pumpkin. They keep eating the blossoms. That orange dish you see in the back is a beer trap for the slugs. It works very well, but there are just too many slugs. Plus, I drink most of the beer before I can dole it out into the traps.


Lone Star Ma said...

Rain, slugs and all, your garden is lovely.

I am thrilled with your blogging resumption. I had missed you a lot.

Triana said...

Aw! The daisies make me sad! Poor little guys.

Ellen Aim said...

I LOVE the flattened daisies, great pic. That is some SERIOUS rain.

The soggy flowers are kinda sad...

But at least things BLOOM there...

Brown has never been an enchanting color.

Shannon said...

very nice. I am glad to see you posting again. I had stopped stopping by, but I will be sure to make a you a regular visit! I always love your posts.

Veloute said...

Shannon: Thank you :) I've been visiting your blog again as well!

I keep wanting to post the daisies standing up, but then it rains again. And, oh, the slugs I have beer'ed. Beered? Whatev.